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So, I am not sure you are stuck in the category of “kooky hipster”, but I believe this is an invention that is intriguing to most anyone who has an interest in weird, and silly technological inventions. This is for the person that has it all and just wants to show off just how hipster they are. If you are sitting in  a coffee shop, and you want to stand out and attract attention, this is the product for you.

According to the website, “The iTypewriter is a landscape iPad dock with mechanical hammers capped with a material similar to that used in the nibs of capacitive styluses. These align with the touch keys on your iPad and deliver a tiny electronic discharge to mimic your sticky little finger prods — sounds scary, but hopefully it’s not going to hammer holes into your precious iPad screen.”

If you watch the video, at first it will be hard not to chuckle at the ridiculousness of the product. But, then you start to think of all the people that you will meet just because they want to know what this 18th century contraption is that you have connected to your 21st century iProduct.


If you are still just like, “meh… I really do not know if I want these sticky hammers pounding at my iPad,” but you still want the hipsterness of being able to type on a typewriter, there is another product for you. The USB Typewriter (available on Etsy  ) is where the typewriter is only attached to the iPad via USB and electronically sends the information into the iPad as opposed to pounding it out mechanically onto the iPad.

So, whether you want to stand out as “that hipster”, or you just want to carry around a giant typewriter that connects to your iPad just because you can, this is one item you can add to your wall of interesting things you find on the internet.


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