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iOS 7 Features

This video has some great information in it about the new Apple iOS 7 interface system. I have been considering upgrading to the beta version of this, but was unaware of the hype. After watching this video, you may even want to upgrade your system.

The new iOS system is very user friendly. It’s features are more appealing to the eye than in earlier systems with its new color pallet, translucency, and mission control. Mission Control is a very useful upgrade for the iPhone because it has most everything that you use all the time accessible with one easy swipe from the bottom of the screen. The new system of “Air Drop” allows you to send content from your phone between nearby friends phones. If they are in your contacts, they will be in your “mission control – air drop” section. This is the largest upgrade and change to an iOS system since the first iPhone was introduced.

Some may say that Apple is merely copying all Android has had in its features for years, but from my perspective, Apple is taking ideas and concepts that the human mind is naturally drawn to, and making it better than it ever has been before. The way the system works just makes sense.


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