“Glee” Tactics?

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So, I am a major Gleek. Yes, I will admit it.. I love Glee! Apperenly this guy saw the opener to Glee as a great template for his campaign, and I think it was a pretty good idea. The point of the opener to Glee is to give a short re-cap of what you have missed and give little snippets to keep you up to date on Glee’s latest happenings in the season. Pat Quinn decided to use this same concept for his campaign for senator, informing you on all the races happenings. I am not sure of the results, but to me, this was a great idea.

Feel free to watch his creative campaign video entitled : “Previously On: “The Governor’s Race” Brady Episode”


This is an awesome video that really shows the relationship between PR and Journalism and how they can feel about each other. I know the video is long, but you should really watch the whole thing. I enjoyed this video and it gave me some laughs because so much of it really does seem to be true! ENJOY!

“Produced for the Public Relations Society of America’s National Capital Chapter’s 2007 Annual Thoth Awards Gala, these Mac/PC Spoof Commercials personify the battle between Public Relations (PR) and Journalism (and the Media/Press).”

An Hour Of Podcast

"Modified Podcast Logo with My Headphones Photoshopped On" By : Colleen AF Venable

For this week’s Topic of the Week, I was challenged to listen to an hour of PR Podcasts. I’m going to be honest here, at first, the bought of listening to an HOUR of this seemed like it was going to be like pulling teeth. Not fun. But, this could be because I am not a PR major and really only want to be involved in the journalism side of things. The only podcasts I’ve ever listened to in the past have been church sermons or “how to’s”.  But to my surprise, after researching for quite some time, I found a podcast entitled “Inside PR” which was, in contrast to my previous thoughts, intriguing and entertaining.

Inside PR podcast is run by 3 people from different parts of the country that connect from their own homes and converse about different topics concerning PR and Marketing: Gini Dietrich of Arment Dietrich (Chicago), Joseph Thornley of Thornley Fallis Group (Ottawa), and Martin Waxman of energy PR (Winnipeg). Their podcasts are all based on the concept of understanding that reputation and communications make or break organizations.

This podcast was good at displaying many social media updates (system wise and for you personally), how to’s for your blogs and posts, and encouraged posting links from Facebook to twitter. They really emphasize the benefits about doing these different things for personal reasons and business reasons. These PR professionals talk a lot about different PR happenings and their opinions on it. This is beneficial to us as students to gather many different opinions on happenings to form our own opinions on. Here are some more reasons I believe listening to podcasts can be beneficial to not only PR students. but any student in general:

1.Podcasts are easy ways to open yourself to the PR ideas from professionals all over the country.

2.Not a boring way to get connected. You are listening to real people and their real conversations (not like a conjured up news/press conference)

3.Flexible learning opportunities: you can listen/watch any time and it’s free. iPods, computers, other listening devices.

4.Good for multi taskers. The PR podcasts are normally short, sweet, and to the point. Students can listen to them while recreating or doing homework and it does not require the consummation of your full attention.

5.Listening to podcasts can help students give better comments in class lectures.

6.Listen to people with experience who have an outside perspective on how to effectively manage your social media outlets.

7.Allows you to listen to who these PR professionals are connecting with and think it is beneficial to listen and connect to.

I listened to:

Inside PR 2.47 “We ask Facebook a question…”

Inside PR 2.50 “Practice what you Preach”

Inside PR 2.76 “The world of Global PR”

My Favorite PR Blog!

"Coffee Love (FI-20473)" by javaturtle

After commenting on many different professional PR Blog’s, I would have to say my favorite is most definitely PR Breakfast Club! The thing I like so much about it is that it is so real and relatable. Here is a little section from their “about me” that I found quite interesting:

“What is the PR Breakfast Club? All right, I’ll tell you. But we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. What do you care? You see us as you want to see us – in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. You see us as a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal. Correct? That’s the way we saw each other at 7:00 on the morning of July 23, 2009….we talk around the time we’re having breakfast!… Now tons of people use #prbc (recently shortened from #prbreakfastclub) to talk about work, news, and lulz.” (You can read more ——-> HERE)

They said it so eloquently when describing the method behind their madness: “Members of the PRBreakfastClub can’t really be defined beyond that. It’s a hashtag, it’s a conversation, it’s a group of flaks that are on Twitter, it’s a chance to vent, to catch up with friends near and far, and to start the day off right.” (Again, You can read more ——-> HERE)

A lot of their posts are comparing PR to certain every day activities or other things that capture your attention. Here are some examples: “Eight Ways PR Is Like Sailing”, “Five Ways Pitch Letter Writing Is Like a Golf Swing”, and “Five Ways PR Campaigns Are Like Getting Married”. Also, the way they write is so personal and not too business professional. It makes you relaxed, feeling more like a conversation than an informational writing. This makes their blog so relatable. With the way that the #prbc works, it is an excellent concept for any and all bloggers and PR people to connect. Having something like this to read and get connected to in the morning time can be a great way to not only network, but get into the PR mood for the day! So, get your breakfast, grab your coffee, and sit down and enjoy a good time with the PR Breakfast Club!

Coca-Cola and the WWF

http://www.farewellstranger.com/2011/10/26/arctic-home/     <——- OPEN IT! :]

I am excited to say that this year, coca cola is teaming up with the WWF to help the Arctic Home Campaign in a very visual way! According to this post I placed a link to above and other various sources, Coca-Cola is changing their look from a red can to a white one to help save the Polar Bears! They have always had a special place in the company’s heart and that is seen through all the commercials they have been featured in over the years.

“Coke is turning their red cans white this holiday season as part of the “Arctic Home” campaign, another thing I think is awesome. It makes total sense to me for Coke to raise awareness and funds to support World Wildlife Fund (WWF) efforts to protect the polar bears’ Arctic home.

Coke will contribute $2 million to WWF over the next five years, and donations from consumers made by March 15, 2012 will be matched – up to $1 million USD – through the Arctic Home campaign.”

Christmas is such a magical time of the year. I believe that anything you do to help the world around you, such as helping out a wildlife fund is magical all in itself! Therefore, coca-cola is proving itself to be magical once again!


Duckies in a Row

As a Public Relations professional, you definitely have your head in about 100 places at any given moment in time. That’s okay…. it’s your job! Part of compiling those many thoughts is making sure you have all your duckies in a row and all your bases are covered. This comes in the form of liability insurance! Liability insurance is “insurance that provides protection from claims arising from injuries or damage to other people or property” (source) This is especially important for public relations personnel when it comes to sponsored events either for tours, open houses, or other events.

There are a number of things that can go wrong. Most of the time, when you do not have liability insurance to back you up it feels like Murphy’s Law is following you and your events around all the time. If it can go wrong, it will. People are people and you can not control what people do. They can touch things they are not supposed to, get hurt, and sue. Now, we can’t have that now can we? The unexpected can happen, well, unexpectedly and its up to us to be prepared for it. The safety and comfort of visitors is the number one priority.

Lawsuits can be charged against us on negligence. That is why we must be on top of our game in making sure that every detail is laid out. That all tour guides and speakers are well versed on the company and trained in first aid in case of an accident. They should be sure to outline the event and tour to let the guests know what they are about to head into (such as “what they will see, the amount of walking involved, the time required, and the number of stairs”) (THINK PR). Logistical planning prior to the event for the public relations staff is vital in taking making sure every precaution is covered for the company.

So, the next time you are planning your company’s next promotional event, make sure you are on top of everything. When dealing with large crowds, it is the little things that sometimes matter the most, and if not taken care of properly, they can cause the most grievances. Think about traffic flow, parking, restroom facilities, appropriate signage, security, and space. These are all important in making sure your promotion event is successful and perfect!

Watching this video makes me confident about the work that goes into making engines for jet planes… which is the point of this ad. The public relations specialists who worked behind this video wanted to make the public understand that the different feelings they should have about using GE products and why. One man says in the video, “People say there’s no such thing as perfect,they don’t make jet engines.” This is to show us that the quality of GE products represents perfection and can be trusted. The fact that they physically showed the people placing every part of the engine in there by hand is supposed to give a relief to the customer and plane rider that it is placed in there with a purpose, not by a machine that is programed to do it (and could potentially mess up). The video shows how human GE is. The video also shows that no matter how little and insignificant you may seem in a project, such as building a jet engine, you can be serving a much greater purpose to unknown people in the future. Bottom line, I believe the message for this video is great and was displayed in an ingenious way: At GE, everything is made perfect every time and can be trusted.