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In a wanderlust like state.

Technology has advanced so rapidly in the last 15 years, which has created incredible opportunity for so many people all over the world, but are people really connecting?

As humans our desire gather and retrieve information to learn and grow will always be part of our genetic build. Such a spiked growth though in technological advancements has possibly led us down the garden path. Consuming and using of media and devices that allows humans to interact on a daily basis would lead us to believe that we are a better connected world, when in fact we can feel even more isolated than ever.

Devices that demand our attention can at as complete alienation for an example, having a conversation and being interrupted by a text or phone call stops interaction like a severing and artery. With everyone blogging, instagraming, tweeting, trolling and texting when is there time for just face-to-face…

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So, I am not sure you are stuck in the category of “kooky hipster”, but I believe this is an invention that is intriguing to most anyone who has an interest in weird, and silly technological inventions. This is for the person that has it all and just wants to show off just how hipster they are. If you are sitting in  a coffee shop, and you want to stand out and attract attention, this is the product for you.

According to the website, “The iTypewriter is a landscape iPad dock with mechanical hammers capped with a material similar to that used in the nibs of capacitive styluses. These align with the touch keys on your iPad and deliver a tiny electronic discharge to mimic your sticky little finger prods — sounds scary, but hopefully it’s not going to hammer holes into your precious iPad screen.”

If you watch the video, at first it will be hard not to chuckle at the ridiculousness of the product. But, then you start to think of all the people that you will meet just because they want to know what this 18th century contraption is that you have connected to your 21st century iProduct.


If you are still just like, “meh… I really do not know if I want these sticky hammers pounding at my iPad,” but you still want the hipsterness of being able to type on a typewriter, there is another product for you. The USB Typewriter (available on Etsy  ) is where the typewriter is only attached to the iPad via USB and electronically sends the information into the iPad as opposed to pounding it out mechanically onto the iPad.

So, whether you want to stand out as “that hipster”, or you just want to carry around a giant typewriter that connects to your iPad just because you can, this is one item you can add to your wall of interesting things you find on the internet.

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iOS 7 Features

This video has some great information in it about the new Apple iOS 7 interface system. I have been considering upgrading to the beta version of this, but was unaware of the hype. After watching this video, you may even want to upgrade your system.

The new iOS system is very user friendly. It’s features are more appealing to the eye than in earlier systems with its new color pallet, translucency, and mission control. Mission Control is a very useful upgrade for the iPhone because it has most everything that you use all the time accessible with one easy swipe from the bottom of the screen. The new system of “Air Drop” allows you to send content from your phone between nearby friends phones. If they are in your contacts, they will be in your “mission control – air drop” section. This is the largest upgrade and change to an iOS system since the first iPhone was introduced.

Some may say that Apple is merely copying all Android has had in its features for years, but from my perspective, Apple is taking ideas and concepts that the human mind is naturally drawn to, and making it better than it ever has been before. The way the system works just makes sense.

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Infamous Top 10!

This year in #Comm2322, Public Relations Applications, I was given the opportunity to learn many things dealing with the field of Public Relations. This is a list of the top 10 things I learned this semester.

  1. What you learn in PR classes will not always be what you need to know once in the field. You do not learn everything in the classroom.
  2. Social media is a MAJOR part of PR. (I even added the twitter hashtag in this post for my class!)
  3. Knowing the laws of online media is vital to your reputation as a professional blogger.
  4. You should always be ready and know how to handle a PR crisis properly and in a timely manner.
  5. PR has been around for quite some time and it is important to understand past tactics and either drop them or build on them depending on public reaction.
  6. Although there are differences between PR, Journalism, and Advertising, they all work together and are dependent on each other.
  7. To campaign properly, it is important to know your audience thoroughly.
  8. Liability is huge. Making sure all your “ducks are in a row” and everything has been thought through thoroughly is very important.
  9. Staying organized and on top of things is a demand of the PR position.
  10. Network as much as possible. You may not know what you need that person for right now, but you might wish you had made that connection later.


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Guest Blogger :]

This weeks post was written by my very special guest blogger, Johnnie Kirkland!

You Can Never Be Too Safe

Posted on November 20th, 2011 in Topics of the Week

Keeping track of all of the projects one has to do in PR is one thing. Protecting integrity and public trust is quite another. PR practitioners have many things to keep up with, but maintaining some knowledge of law can save the company a lot of time in courts and a lot of money. Some aspects of laws that PR pros need to me aware of are the rights to personal privacy and the rights to use other company’s material.

The first thing a PR practitioner  must be concerned with when dealing with the public is the rights to personal privacy. Client confidentiality is one of the most important thing there is in a company. The breach of confidentiality could result in loss of clients which leads to loss of revenue and equally as important, loss of reputation. To be on the safe side, a PR practitioner needs to make sure that if a client is to be used in the public eye that waivers are filed to avoid this embarrassing event.

Another aspect that PR pros should be cautious of is the use of other companies’ material being used on their products and advertisements. In college, we like to call this, “plagiarism.” If PR pros use an idea or product that is not theirs, credit must be given to the person(s) that founded it. Practitioners need to get permission from these companies to use their ideas, logos…etc. Stealing these things could result in major lawsuits and cost a corporations their reputation and a lot of money.

In conclusion, PR practitioners need to keep up with a lot of different things from day-to-day, but two things that they can not ignore is the rights to personal privacy and the use of other companies’ material. In this business, you can never be too safe.

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Zooey and Tigger

For my presentation for my Public Relations Applications class, I was given the topic of PR and Entertainment from Ch. 16 in our Think Public Relations book. I believe this topic can be broken down into 4 sub-categories for the PR Porfessional: The Entertainment Industry, Campaigns, Promotion of an Entertainment Event, and the Movie Industry. Public Awareness is your main goal as your clients  agent.

The Entertainment Industry

•You may be serving as a publicist (celebrity, sports figure, athletic teams, entertainment venues)
•Travel industry
•Specific site or distinction promotion
•Specific travel business (ex. Cruises)
•“Generate PUBLIC AWARENESS of an individual who is intentionally seeking publicity” is the main goal of a personality campaign done by a PR professional.
•This step-by-step process must be done in order to be successful:
        -Client should answer a detailed personal questionnaire
        -The PR pro should use personal ingenuity to develop the facts as story angles
        -Prepare biography of the client and sent it to media outlets for publication
        -Determine what is to be “sold”: Is the goal to increase awareness of the client or their product?
       -What are the most important audiences to be targeted?
•Place client on multiple media simultaneously to get the most awareness
•Phone Calls and E-mailed pitches to editors and program editors
•Interviews for big name magazines come in handy
•Get the photographs of your client to the print media ASAP

•Have client appear in public places frequently
•Have client receive an award
After the campaign, Compile and analyze the results and determine the effectiveness of each method.
Promoting an Entertainment Event
•THE FOCUS: Selling Tickets
•Use the “Drip-Drip-Drip” Technique
–Steady output of information
–Heaviest barrage of publicity is released shortly before the show opens
–Have star unveil their star on the Walk of Fame just before the star’s new film or show appears
•Be careful– not too much “hype”. If there is too much hype before the movie or show or entertainment event takes place, it can lead to a sense of anticlimax.
The Movie Industry
Targets and Aims:
•You should use Market research, Demographics, and psychographics to define target audience
•12-24 year olds are the age that is most publicized to.
•“Planters” deliver to media offices stories about individual clients and projects. “Bookers”  place clients on talk shows and set up other public appearances.
The Actual Promotion:
•Tickets to radio stations who mention the name several times
•Invite media guests to glamorous parties
•Product placement
•Fast-food promotions such as toys at Burger King or Mc Donalds to lure in children

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"Modified Podcast Logo with My Headphones Photoshopped On" By : Colleen AF Venable

For this week’s Topic of the Week, I was challenged to listen to an hour of PR Podcasts. I’m going to be honest here, at first, the bought of listening to an HOUR of this seemed like it was going to be like pulling teeth. Not fun. But, this could be because I am not a PR major and really only want to be involved in the journalism side of things. The only podcasts I’ve ever listened to in the past have been church sermons or “how to’s”.  But to my surprise, after researching for quite some time, I found a podcast entitled “Inside PR” which was, in contrast to my previous thoughts, intriguing and entertaining.

Inside PR podcast is run by 3 people from different parts of the country that connect from their own homes and converse about different topics concerning PR and Marketing: Gini Dietrich of Arment Dietrich (Chicago), Joseph Thornley of Thornley Fallis Group (Ottawa), and Martin Waxman of energy PR (Winnipeg). Their podcasts are all based on the concept of understanding that reputation and communications make or break organizations.

This podcast was good at displaying many social media updates (system wise and for you personally), how to’s for your blogs and posts, and encouraged posting links from Facebook to twitter. They really emphasize the benefits about doing these different things for personal reasons and business reasons. These PR professionals talk a lot about different PR happenings and their opinions on it. This is beneficial to us as students to gather many different opinions on happenings to form our own opinions on. Here are some more reasons I believe listening to podcasts can be beneficial to not only PR students. but any student in general:

1.Podcasts are easy ways to open yourself to the PR ideas from professionals all over the country.

2.Not a boring way to get connected. You are listening to real people and their real conversations (not like a conjured up news/press conference)

3.Flexible learning opportunities: you can listen/watch any time and it’s free. iPods, computers, other listening devices.

4.Good for multi taskers. The PR podcasts are normally short, sweet, and to the point. Students can listen to them while recreating or doing homework and it does not require the consummation of your full attention.

5.Listening to podcasts can help students give better comments in class lectures.

6.Listen to people with experience who have an outside perspective on how to effectively manage your social media outlets.

7.Allows you to listen to who these PR professionals are connecting with and think it is beneficial to listen and connect to.

I listened to:

Inside PR 2.47 “We ask Facebook a question…”

Inside PR 2.50 “Practice what you Preach”

Inside PR 2.76 “The world of Global PR”

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