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I just stumbled upon an article on Ragan’s PR Daily website that caught my eye. I have always been interested in the different social media outlets that can be used in order to get your word out in a creative way. Youtube has always been on my list, but after reading this article,  it has moved up many positions on my scale. If used correctly, YouTube can be one of the most useful and practical social media outlets out there.

Youtube is a great way to reach a world wide audience who is more than likely to be interested in your product (because they searched for it!). It is also it great tool for seeing the acceptance rate… i.e. how many hits, likes, dislikes, and shares. It will keep you quickly informed of the “preferences” people are looking for in different advertisements.

After reading this, I was surprisingly impressed with how much you can really do on youtube to give your video that edge over everyone else. Specifically points 2 and 3:

“2. Embrace your inner James Cameron with YouTube Create. This dedicated sub-section of YouTube provides a number of tools to help you create content that will stand out. The most interesting of which is GoAnimate; it enables you to create animated films from scratch. Cool, huh?

3. Translate languages with some slick sub-titles via Overstream.net. Got a Spanish video that requires English subtitles? Or perhaps you want to provide some additional commentary to explain something in greater detail? Yes? OK. Go and give Overstream a whirl. ”

Youtube is a good breeding ground for radical creativity. People like creativity… but they seem to like creative simplicity (such as the advertizing for Apple products, or Starbucks) Anything to grab the modern consumers attention is guarenteed to better sell your story or product.


To read this whole article, go to: http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/9719.aspx


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