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Red carpet interviews, limousine pictures, students dressed in their finest attire, and special awards. These are a few of the things that contributed to the evening of success that was the sixth annual Southeastern University Ember Awards. Ryan Shea and Rebecca Vargas, both senior broadcasting majors, were the hosts of the red carpet. They were the guest’s first encounter to make this feel like a real Hollywood awards ceremony. This year the communications department amped up their game by adding several new elements to the Embers. Students were more than impressed.

“They did a really great job with the limo and red carpet,” said senior theater major Danielle Keller.

“This is my third year at the Embers and it has definitely gotten better each year,” said theater major Elena Anderson.

“It just gets better every year,” said theatre major Elizabeth Charlton.

The Ember awards are a time of celebration for the great amount of work that has been done the previous year. As seniors are recognized and highlighted in reflection videos, eager freshmen await their time to be honored. There were an astounding number of first year Ember award attendees who came expecting great things.

           “I am expecting an awesome night with a lot of cool ‘comm’ people and some really awesome awards. I am rooting for all my friends,” said Kelsey Byers.

“This is my first Ember awards show ever, and the best part is I get to break out my tux!” said enthused  award nominee Trevor Glindomrong.

At the head of the show, a film parody of The Hunger Games was shown where tributes are fighting it out to the death to be the hosts of this year’s Ember Awards. The winners Kyle Tye and Nate Flemming were the comedic hosts who blew everyone away with their talent. Other exciting and new features of this year’s awards were a special communications department dance troupe performance, parody songs that were specialized to the Embers by the hosts, another video parody of The Comm Office, and an after party for all communications majors, minors, and their dates.

There were 25 awards in all that were handed out. These awards ranged from all aspects of writing, digital media services, producing, filmmaking, and theater. The nominees were chosen based off of their hard work, determination, and execution of skill throughout the year. Not all nominees and winners were seniors. The communications department made sure to allow a wide range of students for each category.

Every winner could not express how much gratitude they have for their professors, friends, family, and fellow students for choosing them to accept the award. For many, they felt more honored and blessed that their work has been appreciated rather than just receiving a “winner” title.

Monica Singleton, winner of Best Camera Operator said, “It feels nice to be appreciated for something that’s not normally recognized.”

Senior Liz Charlton, winner of Best Supporting Actress said, “To me it matters more that people believe in me and support me rather than that I am the best actor. It makes me confident and excited to move to LA and live the dream.”

          Rebecca Vargas felt overwhelmed upon wining Best Onscreen Talent saying, “You just don’t think you deserve an award of that caliber. It is so much more of a blessing than a win.”

Many people were not expecting to win their award because they felt there were so many other better competitors out there. Some were prepared for a speech, and others were not. But, they all turned out to be meaningful to the student and their peers.

Over all, the awards ceremony was a very professional evening of excitement, beautiful people, and celebration. Congratulations to all the winners.


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