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In a wanderlust like state.

Technology has advanced so rapidly in the last 15 years, which has created incredible opportunity for so many people all over the world, but are people really connecting?

As humans our desire gather and retrieve information to learn and grow will always be part of our genetic build. Such a spiked growth though in technological advancements has possibly led us down the garden path. Consuming and using of media and devices that allows humans to interact on a daily basis would lead us to believe that we are a better connected world, when in fact we can feel even more isolated than ever.

Devices that demand our attention can at as complete alienation for an example, having a conversation and being interrupted by a text or phone call stops interaction like a severing and artery. With everyone blogging, instagraming, tweeting, trolling and texting when is there time for just face-to-faceā€¦

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